Who doesn't know, for me, when looking for a partner, and I use the word partner, because I never thought that I was hiring or looking for employees. Partner means someone who will create or do something interesting with you. They have a specific and special value that I need, a piece of the puzzle to create a strong, complete, excellent team, a team that can self-manage and operate like real adults without me. babysit - babysitting. Of course, wanting to do that is very difficult but never easy. But in life, no matter what problem you set, you will solve that exact problem, instead of just blindly following inertia, market habits, and unspoken practices.

I'm looking for a partner, qualifications are not important, experience is very important. And of course, being extremely concerned about qualities will help them collaborate with anyone, on any project, and level up on their career journey at the same time. So, what are the qualities I care about?

Curiosity - A person with an inquiring mind

To be honest, no one in this life has enough energy and time to follow someone else every day and push them to learn this or that, or sign up for this course and follow that course. This century is very cruel, because it keeps pushing so many new things out of the furnace every minute and every second. Updating yourself is tiring, who has the energy to update it for others? Therefore, a person who lacks the ability to self-study, lacks natural curiosity, lacks a mind that likes to explore and research when encountering anything new, is considered a stone that has grown moss, not Also has the ability to scale yourself face down. Never before has the level of demand for a person's self-reliance been so high, because everyone has to worry about updating themselves, and no one has free time to follow the reminders, shouting like calling for a ferry all the time. No one is free. If people have free time, they also look for people with the quality of curiosity to collaborate to make it easier, to make it smoother, to make it less tiring and positive. As a person with high curiosity, I always look for similar partners.


Before, I always liked to think from an unlimited perspective. Therefore, never follow what others have done or follow the beaten path. Of course, history has its lessons. But if we can only think within the limited framework of the past, how can we create a new future in a creative economy? Therefore, the quality that cannot be more important at all times and especially in the rapidly changing world is creativity. Without it, you will almost be stuck - stuck in your own old and worn-out self. Without it, you cannot think of new approaches, magical destinations, unprecedented breakthroughs. People with this quality are themselves a work of wow and an endless source of inspiration for success. Partners to create unimaginable things, so this quality is indispensable.


Is there anything in this world, this market that is not too fast or too dangerous? All the uncertainties, all the sharp turns every day and every hour do not follow any historical rules. Yes, reality is like that. Then how do you react? Sit there complaining, complaining, frustrated, or trying to find a way to fit a square into a round hole to avoid having to bother changing? As for me, I am flexible like water and follow the roughness of the shape ahead. Anything is acceptable. Any problem can find a solution. Any change can be handled, and at the speed of light. The ability to react quickly and flexibly in this era, therefore, becomes a particularly important quality of a collaborator.

Excellent communication ability

In a world where everything is changing rapidly, information and data are rushing around, problems and solutions are running on the highway every day, the most important thing is to keep a unified and cooperative team. is the ability to communicate. When each person operates based on different data, information, or understanding, due to lack of timely communication, the common goal is broken, each individual thinks in his own way and runs in different directions. , then where can we find a way to create common results for the team, project, or organization? Therefore, people who do not know how to communicate, are not good at communicating, and do not actively communicate can hardly collaborate successfully in a team. Excellent communication ability is therefore, for me, an indispensable quality when looking for a partner.

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses

No one in this world is perfect. Everyone is good at one thing or another, and that's why you need to collaborate. But if you're good at it all, then do it alone. Why look for a partner? People who understand themselves will know how to take advantage of other people's strengths and how to find the right pieces to cover their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Alone, they know they are not enough. Together, and with people with complementary qualities, knowledge, and skills, they know the team will be extremely strong. Understanding yourself, respecting yourself and knowing how to collaborate based on your own and others' strengths and weaknesses are therefore extremely important qualities of a good collaborator.

Sharing, because I feel like sharing. This is how I personally operate it, for reference only. Each person will have a different way of thinking and operating, and therefore may be looking for very different pieces of the puzzle.View: https://www.eliteblog.org/

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